Dean Technology provides innovative and efficient products, services, and solutions of the highest quality and value while focused on earning our customers’ respect and loyalty. Our main goal is always a happy customer. This is accomplished by relying on the talents, abilities, and creativity of our employees in an open, cooperative, and dynamic environment allowing for shared employee, company, and customer successes.


Dean Technology, Inc. has a long and exceptional history providing world-class products, design, and solutions for high voltage and high power markets and applications. Grown through the consolidation of many complementary brands, the full product offering can supply everything from components through complete systems. Headquartered in Dallas Texas, with production facilities in the United States and China, as well as sales offices throughout the world, DTI is a truly modern multinational company. Our broad range of locations and capabilities with all activities directed through a close-knit team of experienced executives, allows us to be exceptionally price competitive and flexible, while ensuring the quality and technical know how expected of a US manufacturer.

Dean Technology brings a distinctive approach to the manufacture and sale of electronics. While most manufacturers prefer the path of least resistance, seeking only new cost reducing methods and increased margins, we remain focused on providing the correct product and solution to meet each individual design. All of the engineers on our staff work directly with our customers, helping to ensure we are providing the correct technical solution, and offering lower cost items whenever appropriate. We firmly believe that through this honest, involved, and direct approach we are best able to meet our customers’ needs. We know that content and successful customers are what ensure our own success.

It is this unique thinking about how to work with our customers that allows DTI to bring together the most current back office technology, modern business practices, cutting edge design and proven manufacturing techniques to offer the best and newest products while maintaining support for more traditional and legacy items. We aim to discontinue only those products for which we can immediately offer a form fit and function replacement that is equal to or better than the performance, quality and reliability of its predecessor. Where other manufacturers abandon products and markets that don’t show year over year quantity growth, we see and are committed to the long-term value of everything we sell. Designing with Dean Technology product ensures you will have continued support well into the future.

Dean Technology, Inc. is focused completely on providing our customers with the very best we have to offer, in every way possible. We revel in the specific details of each and every customer’s needs, and given the opportunity, will work tirelessly for their success.