Higher Voltage and Higher Power High Voltage Power Supplies

June 7th, 2024

Dean Technology, Inc. today announced higher voltage and higher power modules available on their standard high voltage power supply line, the UMR Family. The UMR-A series, designed specifically as a biasing module, now offers output voltages up to 40kV. The UMR-HPC series, originally offering capacitor charging modules at 60W and 125W, now offers a power level up to 250W and voltages up to 30kV.

UMR-A series modules offer input voltages at 12 or 24V, and output power at 4 to 30W. This line of power supplies offers a high voltage flying lead for the spacing demands the higher voltages requires up to 40kV. In addition, they offer low ripple and highly stable outputs.

The UMR-HPC series is offered at output voltages of 125V to 30kV and come in different package sizes based on voltage. They are designed to withstand the demands of high power applications with 60W, 125W, and now 250W, and offer low overshoot and fast rise time while maintaining high efficiency.

Both the UMR-A series and the UMR-HPC series come standard with voltage and current monitoring and optional buffered monitors and current regulation.

“DTI has been hard at work these past few years in reaching those higher voltage levels with the UMR-A series and getting to the 250W mark with the UMR-HPC, and we finally were able to achieve it,” said Scott Wilson, Sales and Business Development Manager for Dean Technology. “As always, we are a customer driven organization, and we listened to our customers’ needs and wishes for their critical applications. We hope to continue to expand our UMR line with more options in the coming years.”

The UMR Family of power supplies are form-fit-function replacements for industry standard units and is comprised of six product lines – the UMR-A, UMR-AA, UMR-C, UMR-HPC, UMR-BPC, and the new UMR-A-10000 to UMR-A-40000 series. All UMR models are available now for testing and purchase. UMR-A-10000 to UMR-A-40000 series and UMR-HPC 250W are pending UL certification and are compliant to RoHS regulations.

More information about Dean Technology’s entire line of standard high voltage power supplies is available online at