New Higher Performance High Voltage Diodes

May 8th, 2024

Dean Technology Inc. (DTI), a world leading manufacturer of electronic components, is excited to announce an enhanced version ofthe current BR Series, the BRxXF Series of high voltage diodes.

The BRxXF Series is an axial-leaded, high voltage diode line that offers a fast reverse recovery of 40nS, a higher forward surge (IFSM) rating of 50 to 80A, and low leakage current. BRxXF units range from 2 to 10kV at 600 to 1500mA. Further, BRxXF diodes are offered in the same package size at the existing BR Series and are compliant to the RoHS directive.

“We are very happy to announce another new high voltage diode line to add to our ever-growing product offering,” said Pedro Gonzalez, Technical Product Manager for the HVCA brand of products at DTI. “We were able to take an existing product line, the BR Series, and expand upon its capabilities to create the BRxXF Series. Every new product launch meets a need or requirement of our customers for their projects, which is our number one priority at DTI.”

In addition to the new BRxXF Series, DTI also offers a large catalog of other diodes and additional products for many different high voltage needs. More information about our entire product catalog are available on the company’s website at