• Individual diodes used in these assemblies are protected with MOVs. The clamp voltage of the MOVs is set considerably below the diode avalanche voltage. For this reason, the maximum safe input voltage applied to the bridge should not exceed 50% of the rated VRRM.

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DESCRIPTION specification conditions VALUE
Maximum Applied Input VoltageVRMS5600 V
Maximum Leakage CurrentIRAt VRMS100 μA
Peak Inverse VoltageVRRMPer Leg16000 V
Maximum Applied voltageVMAV8000
Maximum Average Output CurrentIFAVMAt 40 °C Ambient, Forced Air Cooling at 800 LFM18 A
Maximum Surge CurrentIFSMAt 8.3 mS, Per Leg1050 A
DimensionA10.411 in
DimensionB11.630 in
Maximum Forward Voltage DropVFAt 40 °C Ambient, At Rated Output Current16 V