• The true VRRM of diodes used in an MOV compensated assembly is twice the Max Operating Voltage. Max Applied Voltage is limited, not by VRRM but by the maximum voltage rating of the MOV. Each individual diode is rated at 1000V peak and MOV compensated to give an avalanche rating of 90 Joules max (8 x 20uS) and a VNOM of 680V.


DESCRIPTION specification conditions VALUE
Peak Inverse VoltageVRRM24000 V
Maximum Average Output CurrentIFAVMAt 25 °C Ambient6 A
Maximum Leakage CurrentIRAt VRRM, 25 °C Ambient100 μA
Maximum Bridge Output VoltageVBO12000 V
Maximum Forward Voltage DropVFAt 55 °C, Per Leg12 V
Maximum Surge CurrentIFSMAt 8.3 mS, Per Leg400 A
DimensionA7.900 in
DimensionB9.000 in
Number of BoardsBoards4