• Current ratings require assembly on a suitably engineered heatsink, using a quality heat coupling compound.
  • Data for all device parameters taken at 25˚C unless otherwise noted.
  • Additional devices available on special request. Contact the factory.
  • A "-" indicates a component that is a standard recovery device and no data was taken.
  • For reverse polarity versions, replace the • with the letter "R" in the part number, e.g. 40HF•20 would become 40HFR20.


DESCRIPTION specification conditions VALUE
Maximum Repetitive Reverse VoltageVRRM600 V
Maximum Forward Voltage DropVFAt Rated IF1.85 V
Maximum Average Forward CurrentIFAVMAt TC (Case Temperature)70 A
Maximum Allowable Junction TemperatureTJMAX125 °C
Maximum Reverse Recovery TimeTRR200 nS
Mounting TorqueTNon-lubricated Installation20 - 30 in-lb
Maximum Case TemperatureTC75 °C
Typical Thermal Resistance (Junction to Case)RθJC10.36 °C/W
Package TypePACKAGEDO-5
Maximum I2t For FusingI2TAt 60Hz2.240
Low Level Forward Slope ResistanceRF1At TJMAX3.40 mΩ
Low Level Forward Threshold VoltageVF(TO)At TJMAX1.09 V
Maximum Reverse Leakage CurrentIRRMAt TJMAX15 mA