• This power supply requires adequate ground connection for operation, failure to provide ground may result in failure of the power supply.


DESCRIPTION specification conditions VALUE
Operational Temperature RangeOP TEMP0 to 60 °C
Operational HumidityHumidityNon Condensing0 to 95 %
Operating AltitudeAltitude0 to 10000 Ft
Storage Temperature RangeSTORAGE TEMP °C
Input VoltageVI120 V
Maximum Output VoltageVO-10000 V
Maximum Output PowerPO35 W
Temperature CoefficientTCOEFF0.09 % / °C
Input TypeAC
Maximum Input PowerPI50 W
Maximum Output Current - PrimaryIOP3.5 mA
Maximum Output Voltage - SecondaryVOS-5000 V
Maximum Output Current - SecondaryIOS375 µA
Voltage RegulationVolt RegAt Dynamic Load< 3 % VDC
Ripple (Volts Peak to Peak)RippleAt Full Load, Nominal Input< 5 % VPP
Line RegulationLine RegOutput Change Over AC or DC Input Range At Nominal Load< 3 % VDC
StabilityStabilityOver 8 hours, after 30 minute warm-up. At 25 °C ambient, fixed load, and fixed input.< 0.5 % VDC