DESCRIPTION specification conditions VALUE
Operating Temperature MinimumTOPG-40 C
Operating Temperature MinimumTOPG80 C
Frequency Maximumfmin48 Hz
Frequency Maximumfmas62 Hz
Degree of ProtectionProtectionIP20
Number of PolesPoles3
Maximum Continuous Operating VoltageMCOV (VAC)275 VAC
Maximum Discharge CurrentIMAXFor 8 x 20 μs Pulse40000 A
Nominal Discharge CurrentInFor 8 x 20 μs Pulse20000 A
Short-Circuit Current RatingISCCR3000 A
Residual CurrentIpe (IRE)At VC0
Temporary Overvoltage RatingTOVAt 5 Seconds, AC336 V
Temporary Overvoltage RatingTOVAt 120 Minutes, AC440 V
Response timetA100 nS
Protection Level (L-N)VP (LV1400
Protection Level (L-N)VP (LAt VPR900 V