• The true VRRM of an MOV compensated unit is 2 times the max applied voltage. In this case the Max Applied Voltage of the assembly is limited by the Max Operating Voltage of the MOV used. Max Applied Voltage is the max safe peak voltage that can be repeatedly applied to the rectifier.


DESCRIPTION specification conditions VALUE
Maximum Leakage CurrentIRAt VRMS100 μA
Maximum Surge CurrentIFSMAt 8.3 mS, TJ = 150°C150 A
Dimension - Overall LengthL9.5 in
Dimension - Overall LengthL29.5 in
Peak Inverse VoltageVRRMPer Leg56000 V
Maximum Applied voltageVMAV28000
Maximum Average Forward CurrentIFAVMAt 40 °C, Natural Convection1 A
Maximum Average Forward CurrentIFAVMAt 40 °C, In Oil1.5 A
Maximum Forward Voltage DropVFAt IFAVM, Per Leg88 V