• Specifications based on diode PCB mounted on 0.2” x 0.2” (5.0mm x 5.0mm) copper solder pads.


DESCRIPTION specification conditions VALUE
Maximum Repetitive Reverse VoltageVRRMAt 25°C5000 V
Maximum Forward Voltage DropVFAt 100mA, 25°C14 V
Maximum Average Forward CurrentIFAVMAt 55°C Lead Temperature40 mA
Maximum Average Forward CurrentIFAVMAt 100°C Lead Temperature20 mA
Maximum Leakage CurrentIRAt VRRM, 25°C0.50 μA
Maximum Surge CurrentIFSMAt 8.3mS, Single Half Sine3 A
Typical Junction CapacitanceCJ1 pF
Maximum Junction TemperatureTJMAX150 °C
Maximum Reverse Recovery TimeTRRAt IF = 0.5 IFAVM; IR = -IFAVM; IRR = -0.25 IFAVM; 25°C60 nS
Typical Thermal Resistance (Junction to Lead)RθJL50 °C/W
Operating Temperature RangeOP TEMP-55 to 150 °C
Storage Temperature RangeSTG TEMP-55 to 175 °C