• TY2Y5U models are offered with K (± 10%), M (± 20%), and Z (+80%, -20%) capacitance tolerances. Substitute the “•” in the part number with the preferred tolerance. Contact the factory for additional details.


DESCRIPTION specification conditions VALUE
Minimum Lead Length LDimension 25 mm
Maximum Diameter DDimension 11 mm
Lead Diameter dDimension - Typical 0.7 mm
Capacitance Value C330 pF
Capacitance Tolerance TOLPlus or Minus K,M,Z %
Rated Voltage VRATED20000 V
Dielectric Withstand Voltage VWITHSTAND30000 V
Maximum Height HDimension 15 mm
Maximum Thickness TDimension 11 mm
Lead SpacingLsDimension - ± 1.5mm tolerance12.5 mm