• Typically, convection cooled. Units operating at full power might require additional cooling to maintain case temperature below 65°C. Damage to the power supply may occur if not appropriately cooled during use. For specification differences and additional information on V05/V10 options see data sheet.


DESCRIPTION specification conditions VALUE
Operational Humidity HumidityNon Condensing 0 to 95 %
Operating Altitude AltitudeSea Level to Vacuum
Storage Temperature Range STORAGE TEMP °C
Input Voltage VINominal 24 V
Input Voltage VIFull Output Power 23 - 30 V
Input Voltage VIDerated Output Power 10 - 32 V
Maximum Input Current IIStandby / Output Disable 90 mA
Maximum Input Current IINo Load, Max Vout 500 mA
Maximum Input Current IIMax Load, Max Vout 6300 mA
Maximum Input AC Ripple Current IACRNominal Input, Full Load 200 mA PP
Maximum Output Voltage VO2000 V
Maximum Output Power PO125 W
Maximum Output Current IO62 mA
Ripple Ripple (HF)1 Hz to 1 MHz (Full Load, Nominal Input) 1.000 % VPP
Output Capacitance CO0.15 µF
Current Monitor Scaling IMON52 mA / V
Voltage Monitor Scaling VMONInto 10 Megaohm Meter, ±2% 100:1 V
Operational Temperature Range Op Temp CaseCase Temperature at Full Load -40 to 65 °C
Temp Coefficient TCOEFF50 PPM / °C
Case Dimensions Case DimensionsMetric 101.6 L x 114.3 W x 27.0 H mm
Weight WeightMetric 605 g
Thermal Shock Thermal ShockMil-Std 810, Method 503-4, Proc. II -40 to 65 °C
Shock ShockMil-Std 810, Method 516.5, Proc. IV 20 G
VibrationVibrationMil-Std 810, Method 514.5, Fig. 514.5C-310 G