Dti components and assemblies catalog %282013.07.11%29

Components and Assemblies (2013) Catalog

This long form catalog covers most of Dean Technology’s standard product offerings in the CKE and HVCA product lines. Focusing on high voltage rectifiers, high voltage capacitors, high current assemblies, and suppression products.

Dti   power electronic components catalog %282015.11.24%29

Power Electronic Components (2015) Catalog

This short form catalog covers high current and power components in the CKE product line. It includes the standard component offerings for planar components, power modules, stud mounted diodes, as well as SCR and diode capsule (Puks).

Dti power supplies catalog %282016.04.06%29

Power Supplies and Test Equipment Catalog

This short form catalog covers the standard products in the HVPSI product line. It includes AC / DC and DC / DC high voltage power supplies as well as high voltage test equipment.

Dti   recent product releases catalog %282017.05.10%29

Recent Product Releases (May 2017) Catalog

This short form catalog covers recent product releases that are not in other catalogs as of May 2017. It includes axial lead and surface mount high voltage diodes, miniature high voltage power supplies, and high voltage ceramic capacitor stacks.