TPM Series of Thermally Protected MOVs

MODELS FROM 150 to 690VAC, 22 to 50kA


Dean Technology’s line of thermally protected MOVs, the TPM Series, are offered at a surge rating of 22kA up to 50kA. They also offer a voltage range of 150 to 690VAC. These modules feature a quick thermal response and perfect circuit cutoff function due to a special thermal disconnector design with an arc extinguishing device. They operate at a wide temperature range, and offer high reliability, high surge current capacity, and low leakage current.

Customized units are available upon request – contact us at for more information.

Most models stock to 2 weeks • No minimum order • Lowest standard pricing on the market

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TPM Series150 to 690VAC
22 to 50kA
4, 20, 30 Watt
25nS Maximum
Thermally Protected MOVs

Let us design your custom solution

Unlike competitors, Dean Technology welcomes the opportunity to customize all products to meet customers’ specific needs. The design and manufacturing methodology used for all power supplies further this principal and allow for easy customizations that do not require extravagant lead times or upfront costs.