The HVPSI line of products includes standard, modified standard, build to print, and custom multipliers, power supplies and test equipment. The HVPSI line is our most complex, and represents all of the best we have to offer. This product line is not represented in this publication, but many of the products listed are used in the production of the HVPSI line. We believe so strongly in our own products that we are one of our own biggest customers for our own components.

High voltage power supplies and multipliers are complex and delicate designs, which require many specific features depending on the exact application. Whether for electrostatic, x-ray, imaging, or any other high voltage application, the HVPSI line and exceptional design support of Dean Technology is perfectly suited. DTI is highly dedicated to this product line, and is investing heavily in developing new techniques and products that will allow us to significantly reduce the design time on custom power supplies. This is all simply a continuation of the dedication we carry through to our customers’ needs on all of our offerings.