Higher Voltage Levels For XOE™ High Voltage Diodes

December 5th, 2023

Dean Technology Inc. (DTI), a world leading manufacturer of electronic components, is excited to announce the extension of its XGF Series of high voltage diodes. Instead of capping at 20kV, the XGF Series now offers diodes at 25kV and 30kV, and are designed with DTI’s newest diode technology, XOETM (eXtreme Optimized Efficiency).

Diodes utilizing the XOE technology offer a dramatic upgrade in performance in devices of the same size. The benefits of XOE include higher current capabilities, lower voltage drop, reduced heat dissipation, better breakdown immunity from transitions into the avalanche region, an enhanced reliability for end user products, and a cost effective and easy migration path for existing circuit board platforms.

“DTI’s XOE tech was a breakthrough, allowing us to achieve never before seen levels of performance in high voltage diodes, and with this expansion of the family we are happy we can continue to do so at even higher voltages,” said Pedro Gonzalez, Technical Product Manager for the HVCA brand of products at DTI. “We are continuing to set the standard for high voltage diodes and are excited to continue to do so with more next generation diodes in the future.”

In addition to the XGF Series, DTI also offers additional high voltage diodes built with the XOE technology. Further, as with most of DTI’s standard catalog, all products that are built with XOE can be customized to a specific high voltage application’s requirements.

For more information about the XOE high voltage diodes, additional information about the XOE technology (including full details of the increases in performance to similar devices), and all other products that DTI offers are available on the company’s website at