New Low Power High Voltage Diodes

January 31st, 2024

Dean Technology Inc. (DTI), a world leading manufacturer of electronic components, is excited to announce the introduction of a new series of high voltage diodes, the VDRM Series.

The VDRM Series is an axial-leaded, high voltage diode line that offers industry standard performance and high reliability. VDRM units range from 2.5 to 16kV, 50 to 125mA, and have a maximum reverse recovery time of 200nS. These diodes are best suited for low to medium power, small form-factor applications. Further, VDRM diodes offer a miniature package size and are compliant to the RoHS directive.

“DTI is excited to augment our diode offering with the VDRM series,” said Pedro Gonzalez, Technical Product Manager for the HVCA brand of products at DTI. “All of our new product launches are in response to meeting our customers’ application requirements, which goes to DTI’s continual efforts of providing the highest levels of customer service.”

In addition to the new VDRM Series, DTI also offers a large catalog of diodes for many different high voltage needs. More information about our high voltage diodes and all other products that DTI offers are available on the company’s website at