• This power supply should never be mounted directly to a metal surface.


DESCRIPTION specification conditions VALUE
Operational Temperature RangeOP TEMP0 to 60 °C
Operational HumidityHumidityNon Condensing0 to 95 %
Operating AltitudeAltitude0 to 10000 Ft
Storage Temperature RangeSTORAGE TEMP °C
Input VoltageVI120 V
Maximum Output VoltageVO-12000 V
Maximum Output PowerPO0.06 W
Temperature CoefficientTCOEFF0.08 % / °C
Input TypeAC
Maximum Input PowerPI2 W
Maximum Output Current - PrimaryIOP5 µA
Voltage RegulationVolt RegAt Dynamic Load< 40 % VDC
Ripple (Volts Peak to Peak)RippleAt Full Load, Nominal Input< 5 % VPP
StabilityStabilityOver 8 hours, after 30 minute warm-up. At 25 °C ambient, fixed load, and fixed input.< 0.5 % VDC