• Current ratings require assembly on a suitably engineered heatsink, using a quality heat coupling compound.
  • Data for all device parameters taken at 25˚C unless otherwise noted.
  • Additional devices available on special request. Contact the factory.
  • Storage Temperature (TSTG) and Operating Junction Temperature (TJ) are -40˚C to +125˚C.

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DESCRIPTION specification conditions VALUE
Maximum Repetitive Reverse Voltage VRRM1000 V
Maximum Forward Surge Current ITSMAt TJMAX 32 A
Maximum Forward Voltage Drop VTMAt On-State Current 1.25 V
Maximum Case Temperature TC77 °C
Critical Rate of Rise (Delta I / Delta T) ΔI/ΔT400 A/µS
Maximum RMS Output Current IT(RMS)1570
Maximum I2t For Fusing I2TAt 60Hz 5120
Low Level Forward Slope Resistance RF1At TJMAX 0.15 mΩ
Maximum Gate Trigger Voltage VGT2.5 V
Maximum Gate Trigger Current IGT250 mA
Maximum Critical Rate of Rise of Off-State Voltage ΔV/ΔTAt TJMAX 1000 V/µS
Maximum Average Forward Current IT(AV)At TC (Case Temperature) 1000 A
On-State Current ITM3142 A
Low Level Forward Threshold Voltage VT(TO)At TJMAX0.90 V
Maximum Thermal ResistanceQJ0.066 °C/W