• ANIS / UL 1449 4th Edition Type 1 / Type 2.
  • Connection wires 12 AWG, 300 mm.


DESCRIPTION specification conditions VALUE
Operating Temperature RangeOP TEMP-40 to 75 °C
System VoltageVSYS50 or 60 Hz600 V
TopologyThree Phase Delta
Nominal Discharge CurrentIn20000 A
Voltage Protection Range (Line to Ground)VPR (L At 6 kV per 3 kA2000 V
Voltage Protection Range (Line to Line)VPR (L At 6 kV per 3 kA2500 V
Surge Capacity per PhaseI(TM) Phase250000 A
Surge Capacity per ModeI(TM) Mode125000 A
Maximum Continuous Operating VoltageMCOVAll available modes unless otherwise specified.690 V
Operating Humidity RangeHumidityRelative at 25 °C5 - 95 %
Maximum Operating AltitudeAltitude3000 M