• High Voltage Octocoupler
  • Integrated Low Voltage LED Drivers with 10kV Photo Detector Diode
  • Black Casing, Light Tight Packaging
  • Custom Versions Available
  • All specifications at 25°C ambient temperature unless otherwise stated.
  • VDR is Detector Diode Voltage in Reverse.


DESCRIPTION specification conditions VALUE
Maximum Repetitive Peak Reverse Voltage VRRMPhoto Detector 10000 V
Maximum Average Forward Current IFAVMPhoto Detector - At 55 °C 80 mA
Maximum Forward Voltage Drop VFPhoto Detector - At IF = 100 mA 12 V
Typical Reverse Leakage Current IRPhoto Detector - At VDR = VRRM and ILED = 0 mA 25 nA
Maximum Forward Surge Current IFSMPhoto Detector - Single Cycle, 1/2 Sine, 60 Hz 10 A
Typical Junction Capacitance CJPhoto Detector - At 1 MHz, VDR = 0 V 3 pF
Typical Current Transfer Ratio CTRILED at 50 mA for 1 sec 0.41 %
Typical Turn-on Time tON2 μs
Typical Turn-off Time tOFF2 μs
Operating Temperature Range TOP-40 to 85 °C
Storage Temperature Range TSTG-55 to 100 °C
Insulation Voltage IVLED Drivers to Photo Detector 12000 V
Maximum Junction Temperature TJPhoto Detector 100 °C
Maximum Forward DC Current ILEDEach LED Driver 100 mA
Typical Forward Voltage Drop VFLEDEach LED Driver - ILED = 50 mA 1.25 V
Maximum Reverse VoltageVRLEDEach LED Driver5 V