• TY2Y6P models are offered with K (± 10%), M (± 20%), and Z (+80%, -20%) capacitance tolerances. Substitute the “•” in the part number with the preferred tolerance. Contact the factory for additional details.


DESCRIPTION specification conditions VALUE
Capacitance Value C 100 pF
Capacitance Tolerance TOLPlus or Minus K,M,Z %
Dielectric Material MATERIAL Y6P
Rated Voltage VRATED 12000 V
Dielectric Withstand Voltage VWITHSTAND 18000 V
Maximum Diameter DDimension 9 mm
Maximum Height HDimension 13 mm
Maximum Thickness TDimension 8.5 mm
Minimum Lead Length LDimension 25 mm
Lead Spacing LsDimension - ± 1.5mm tolerance 12.5 mm
Lead Diameter dDimension - Typical 0.6 mm