DESCRIPTION specification conditions VALUE
Maximum Repetitive Reverse Voltage VRRMAt 25°C 2500 V
Maximum Average Forward Current IFAVMAt 55°C 125 mA
Maximum Forward Voltage Drop VFAt 25mA 4 V
Maximum Leakage Current IRAt VRRM, 25°C 0.1 μA
Maximum Surge Current IFSMAt 8.3mS, Single Half Sine 12 A
Typical Junction Capacitance CJAt VR = 0VDC, f = 1MHz3 pF
Maximum Junction Temperature TJMAX150 °C
Maximum Reverse Recovery Time TRRAt IF = 12.5mA; IR = -25mA; IRR = -6.3mA; 25°C 200 nS
Operating Temperature Range OP TEMP-55 to 150 °C
Storage Temperature Range STG TEMP-55 to 175 °C
Body Length LDimension 0.320 in
Body Diameter DDimension 0.120 in
Lead Diameter dDimension 0.025 in
Lead LengthlDimension 1.00 in