Upgraded High Voltage Diodes

The design and manufacturing methodology used for all power supplies further this principal and allow for easy customizations that do not require extravagant lead times or upfront costs. Our methodology for the design and manufacturing of our power supplies enables us to to deliver customized solutions without requiring extravagent lead times or upfront costs.

To meet customers' demands for better performance and reduced size, Dean Technology invested in a multiple year research effort to develop a new high voltage diode production method. The resulting technology was created with the mindset of mitigating the inherent loss in the device and without introducing new materials or expensive production equipment, and this new technology is XOE™, eXtreme Optimized Efficiency.

How It's Done

There are three main design elements that make up the primary methodology of XOE™. Each of these elements impacts the other two, so device designs are done to achieve the best balance and to produce an end product that sits right in the performance sweet spot.

  1. Maximizing the die size for each package - increased surface area improves current handling.
  2. Minimizing the number of die in the diode stack - leads directly to lower loss by reducing the cumulative voltage drop in the device.
  3. Tightly controlled diffusion process - produces uniform junction depth across the wafer and consistent final thickness of each individual die.

The diffusion process used in XOE™ creates a far more even junction depth, as shown in Figure 1. Limiting the weak spots that occur in standard silicon wafer diffusion ensuring more uniform performance of each layer in the final diode stack and enabling the removal of die from the stack.

The combination of these three elements allows DTI to produce a final diode product with a die stack that is far more consistent in quality, offers signifi- cant performance benefits, and as illustrated in Figure 2, fits in the same size package as a typical high voltage diode.

Benefits It Produces

All of this careful design, and the attention to performance efficiency lead to truly astonishing results. Some of the benefits over standard diodes are:

  1. Higher current capabilities
  2. Lower voltage drop
  3. Reduced heat dissipation
  4. Better breakdown immunity from transitions into the avalanche region
  5. Enhanced reliability for end user products



Custom parts can also be produced using this technology to meet individual design needs for all applications that require high voltage.